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American Sweets: My Favourite Candy

American Sweets are amazingly scrumptious, aren’t they?

I first visited America back in 2011 when my Father who lives over there with his Wife asked me to visit them in Chicago. The trip was awesome – I got to see lots of cool stuff and taste some really good American food, but nothing could prepare me for the pain I felt once I touched down in England. Not missing them, but those fabulous American sweets.

It sounds a bit extreme, really, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Our sweets, or candy, simply don’t match those of our brothers across the pond. American sweets win!

Here are some of my favourite american sweets:

Twinkie Cakes

Oh man, the classic Hostess Twinkie. They can’t be beaten.

I remember when Hostess announced that they would no longer be manufacturing them and everybody put their boxes up on eBay at ridiculous prices. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was one of those suckers who went and paid those ridiculous prices to ensure that I had a small supply of Twinkies to keep me going, although I did have to ration them big time.

If you love Twinkies as much as myself then you must also try a dirty, but very tasty, version called the deep fried Twinkie. It’s simply sensational – honestly!

Baby Ruth Chocolate Bars

Baby Ruth chocolate bars remind me of cult classic The Goonies (brilliant film) as Sloth and Chunk have a small back-and-forth with one before they escape.

These lush bars of chocolate kind of remind me of Snicker bars that you get here in the UK, although in a sense they’re nothing like them which makes no sense at all, but they’re delicious regardless. They pack a punch with the amount of protein in them, too!

Would I like them so much had I not seen The Goonies? I’m not sure.

Root Beer Soda

Root Beer may possibly be the overall favourite thing that I love that is American. It’s the tastiest, sweetest and creamiest drink I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

A&W (in my opinion) make the best root beer and although the calories per can are quite high, they are now caffeine free which makes it a lot more enjoyable to consume, especially if you go through more than one can a day like I usually do. Yikes!

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying a can or 12 of root beer, I can only describe it as a can of dark medicine-like liquid that has an aged vanilla coating. It’s so tasty. Their closest competitor, for me, has to be DAD’s – they also make marvellous root beer although theirs tastes a little harsher than A&W which is something a lot of people can’t handle.

TIP: If you buy root beer online, get 12 cans to save money.

Reese’s Cups

And finally on my list of favourite American sweets… Reese’s Cups!

Sure, they’re sold quite widely in the UK these days but there is such an exciting variety in America that we don’t yet have here including Reese’s pieces and giant Reese’s cups that really do fill your peanut butter void. Get as much protein as you need from them.

I’ve heard many of my friends make comments about the strength of the peanut butter in these but I can’t disagree enough with them. They’re perfect in every sense.

I usually get my root beer from the American Sweet Shop and also find some of my favourite and much-loved retro sweets from another online sweet shop that I have been frequenting for a long time now.

How to Stop Smoking Today

Smoking is responsible for thousands of deaths every single year here in the UK, but it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Sure, it’s addictive, but we’re currently living in a time when there are many options that can help you to kick that dirty habit and extend your life for yourself and your family. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the pain for a longer life.

Cigarettes are big, BIG killers. It’s time for a change… Today!

Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid

For the last few years, electronic cigarettes have been growing at a very fast pace and more and more people are turning to them to cut traditional tobacco cigarettes out of their lives.

But is this really the answer? Yes. They’re much less harmful than cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes use a liquid solution called e-liquid which is inhaled into the body and contains nicotine. This e liquid is quite harmless with only a few ingredients contained within it and it’s certain to add many years onto your life since it doesn’t produce tar.

Where Can I Buy an E-Cigarette?

E-cigs can be found on your local high street, garage or supermarket although shopping online is usually better. You have a lot more choices on the internet and can usually find much cheaper prices than in a physical shop. Shop around before you buy.

Remember, you need to purchase bottles of e-liquid in order to use your e-cigarette.

A good starting place would have to be the innokin itaste 134 mini which is one of the best e-cigarettes you can currently buy.

Nicotine Patches

This is a solution that has been around for a long, long time, although the nation is split on how well they actually work. Some think they’re useless and don’t help you to quit smoking and others have used them successfully to kick their addiction to cigarettes and nicotine.

If you have a strong mind and a real will to quit smoking then nicotine patches could be the solution for you, but if you don’t and find yourself giving up easily then you may find that electronic cigarettes (as noted above) may be the better option for you.

Where Can I Buy Nicotine Patches?

Well, actually, nicotine patches are free. Get your kit from the NHS.

It’s a good idea to make sure you’re going to use these patches before ordering your smoker’s quit kit as it’s important that we as a nation (UK) don’t waste money on the NHS.