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Why investing in the Artworks of Mr Brainwash? Discover Mr Brainwash Street Artist and what makes his Artworks a good investment?

Who is Mr Brainwash

Thierry Guetta, known by the pseudonym Mr Brainwash, is a global icon of Street Art.

Street and Pop Artist he uses elements from Pop Art’s past and the raw components of his Street Art beginnings to create Artworks very particular.

His typical most known subjects are Charlie Chaplin, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Albert Einstein and a lot of cartoon subjects like Spiderman and Batman.

Mr Brainwash uses differents techniques: from painting to stencil, from collages to dropping.

Every Mr Brainwash Artwork is an explosion of colours and every work is unique piece, provided with the particular certificate of autenticity of the artist.

Mr Brainwash marks every artwork with a very unique signature. In addition to being hand signed, his signature includes his thumbprint, a number sequence and his slogan “Life is Beautiful“, that the artist writes behind all his unique work.

Life is Beautiful: a message arrives from Mr Brainwash Artworks

Mr Brainwash‘s first exibition in 2008 in Los Angeles was entitled “Life is Beautiful“.

In these words was contained the artist’s philosophy, the one he wants to convey in all his works.

The colors and messages that Mr. Brainwash contains in each of his works are vehicles of joy and happiness.

“Life is beautiful” always, it seems to be the message that the artist wants to communicate with his gorilla “Follow Your Dreams”, with the couple Minnie and Mickey Mouse or with Charlie Chaplin depicted with an immense heart on his side.

Positive, smiling and cheerful, Mr Brainwash brings joy and messages of love with his art.

With spray cans and paint the artist puts on the canvas what he feels.

In his way of living street art Mr Breanwash is the spokesperson for messages that speak of happiness and love.

Although his works don’t lack clear references to two of the icons of street art, such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, Mr Breanwash seems to detach himself from that expression of denunciation that we often find in the olther two great artists, to make way for a clear message …

Life is beautiful, even when the opposite may appear. It is enough to know how to look with hope and live the present, appreciating every moment that gives us.

With their colours Mr Brainwash Artworks are a hymn to happiness.

Investing in Mr Brainwash Artworks

There are many reasons why it is worth investing in a work of art by Mr Brainwash.

The continued interest in artist’s works makes his art is a smart investment opportunity. Mr Brainwash Artworks stand firmly as a public favourite and collectors are willing to pay greatly for his art.

Mr Brainwash artworks was featured in many films and television productions such as Billions and Molly’s Game. The artist has designed album covers for Rick Ross, Madonna and KYGO.

If you are looking for an investment always growing Mr Brainwash Paintings are the solution.

In recent time Mr Brainwash’s Auction Prices reached record quotations.

In 2010 the painting “Charlie Chaplin Pink” sold for €100.000. It has been the most expensive Mr Brainwash Paintings ever sold.

It was the year in which Mr Brainwash also raises as actor, participating in the documentary film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” by Banksy, Oscar nominee.

In the following years, the artist sees his worldwide success in the art world become even stronger. There are many art galleries that compete for his masterpieces, which have constantly rising prices.

In April 2019 Mr Breanwash also arrives in Italy, in a personal exhibition set up at the Deodato Arte Gallery in Milan.

Taking up his unmistakable trademark “Life is Beautiful” the exhibition is titled “Milan is Beautiful“.

There are many Mr Brainwash’s fans who don’t miss the chance to have a unique work by the artist in their prestigious living room.

If you also want to make an excellent investment, don’t miss the chance to buy paintings and prints by Mr Brainwash

Original Mr Brainwash Paintings and signed Prints will always be a good investment.